Parking Lot PaintING

Here at MJR LINE STRIPING we provide top-notch services to residents and business owners in the local area. Our top priority is to ensure you are satisfied with our work, and are dedicated to ensuring the finished product is of exceptional quality. We strive to continuously pushing the boundaries of the industry to raise the standard throughout the area. 

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At MJR Line Striping, we can provide a customized, flexible sweeping schedule that takes into consideration your business hours, traffic and parking patterns, local noise restrictions, and debris levels. 

​Parking lot striping

Your parking lot is one of the first things a customer or client sees when they come to your establishment or business. We can help make sure it looks professional. 


Faded lines are a liability for you. If someone gets in an accident, it's your fault. Freshen up your stall lines and stencils to help guide your patrons in the right direction.